• Walter 550KW Silent Type Sent to Aferica
    Post time: Jul-01-2022

    In March 2022, our factory received an order from an African customer, who needed a 550KW silent type diesel generator set as the backup power supply for his factory. The customer said that their local municipal electricity supply was unstable and the factory would often lose power. He needs a ve...Read more »

  • Altitude affects genset power
    Post time: May-26-2022

    Why is the use of diesel generator sets limited by altitude? In the previous data on diesel generator sets, there are many restrictions on the use environment of diesel generator sets, including altitude. Many netizens ask: Why does altitude affect the use of generators? The following is the answ...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-24-2022

    What parts of the Cummins generator sets are not suitable for lubricating oil? We all know that the conventional Cummins generator set can reduce the wear of parts and prolong the service life by the lubricationg oil, but in fact, there are some parts of the unit do not ...Read more »

  • How to choose diesel generator
    Post time: Mar-26-2022

    Generally speaking, the choice of emergency diesel generator should focus on emergency diesel generator is mainly used in important places, in case of emergency or accident interruption after momentary power failure emergency generator, through the rapid recovery of the basic principle of emergen...Read more »

  • 625KVA Volvo generator send to Karachi
    Post time: Feb-16-2022

    A few months ago, our company received a request from a Pakistan client who wanted to purchase a unit 625kva generator set. First of all , Client found our company on internate , he browsed our website and attracted by website content , so decided to have try . He wrote an email to our sale manag...Read more »

  • 200KW Cummins generator sets to Bangladesh
    Post time: Dec-29-2021

    Last year we have chatted with a client who come from Bangladesh , he wanted 200kw diesel generator sets used for standby power for his mine. First of all , he left mesage on our website , he writed his requirements and contact way . Then we talked about generator sets by email . After communicat...Read more »

  • 1100KVA Yuchai generator set to the Philippines
    Post time: Nov-30-2021

    Last month , our factory sent one unit 1100KVA Yuchai generator set to Philippines , The engien brand is Guangxi Yuchai , it’s Chinese engine brand ; the alternator brand is Walter , it’s our own brand . And the controller system , clients choose deep-sea controller . Our client is a real estate ...Read more »

  • 7 units Cummins generatorsexported to Zimbabwe
    Post time: Oct-21-2021

    After the epidemic, 7 units Cummins generator sets exported to Zimbabwe. In 2020 , this is a special year , Human beings invaded by the covid-19 . The epidemic is fierce, and there is great love in times of crisis. Medical staff, kind  companies, professional media, inte...Read more »

  • 5 units 800KW Walter-Cummins Generators arrive Angola
    Post time: May-31-2021

    Although it is the hot summer day, it can’t stop the Walter people’s enthusiasm for this job. Frontline engineers gone to the Angola site to install and debug, and teach workers how to use generator sets in correct way . Recently, 5 units 800KW Walter series Cummins generator sets eq...Read more »

  • 500KW Cummins generator sets arrive Maldives
    Post time: Apr-26-2021

    In 2020, June 18th , Our 3 units silent type 500KW Cummins generator sets were shipped to Malaives , It takes about a month , our clients received generator sets . In the meantime , our technicist Mr Sun go to Customers’ cite by air , he began to conduct  install generators soon and teach workers...Read more »

  • 4 units 40kva Cummins silent type generators to Rwanda
    Post time: Mar-30-2021

    Recently, 4 units new Walter series silent type 40kva Cummins generator sets were exported to Rwanda. Relying on our fsctory professional production technology, silent Cummins generator sets are stable performance , good quality , and technologically advanced. They have ...Read more »

  • Walter 1200KW diesel generator sets arrive at Jingdong Logistics Park
    Post time: Feb-25-2021

    On November 23, 2019, Our company’s two units 1200kw Yuchai generator sets moved into Jingdong Logistics Park. As well known that , is a self-employed e-commerce company in China. The founder Liu Qiangdong serves as the chairman and CEO of It has JD Mall, JD Finance,, JD ...Read more »

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